Hives – Thousand Answers chords

This is my first post..but noticed there was chords for this songs as its new...
heard it on the new Fifa game and fell in love with it as Im a big Hives fan anyways..
My guitar was in Open D when figuring this one out but its doesn't matter what tuning you play in.

Don't have you all the lyrics yet so I cant explain the structure with the lyrics but here goes:

Intro/Main Riff:

F#, Bm, DmIf you live a normal life, you've got to be awake
A, Dm (F#m) Coz you've got nothing to say, I know you've got nothing to say
(Intro/Main Riff)
F# Bm, DmIf you've got a none consuming need, you've got to be awake
A, Dm (F#m)Coz you got bills to pay, I know you've got bills to Pay
(Breakdown) Bm,...Bm..Bm.......A, Dm Second Riff/Outro Dm, C#m, Bm, Am Hope this helps/R24
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