Hives - Antidote tab

Artist: The Hives
Title: Antidote
Album: Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004)
Tabbed By: Nick Budicin

Then on the last one just before the verse it's thisE-|-8-B-|-8-G-|-9- x10 with the same timing as above, listen for the timing byD-|-10- the way coz it changes when the second guitar and the bassA-|-10- comes in.E-|-8-
Verse: The other guitar plays the first three chords in this sequence before the second listen and you will know what I mean.
E-|-6-8--6-8---11-6-10-8--|B-|-6-8--6-8---11-6-10-8--|G-|-7-9--7-9---12-7-11-9--|x8 and then the Chorus, which is asD-|-8-10-8-10--13-8-12-10-| indicated aboveA-|-8-10-8-10--13-8-12-10-|E-|-6-8--6-8---11-6-10-8--|
Note: the chorus riff is played twice with just one guitar leading up to the second again you need to hear it. The Chorus should take you up to the end of the song. One last thing, there is a little solo type thing that is played over the Outro/chorus here is my attempt at it as know one else has tabbed it.
E-|----------------------------|B-|----------------------------|G-|------------------7h9p7-----|x4 There are little improvised bitsD-|--------------7-9-------9---| after each time its played, but theyA-|-----------7-9--------------| aren't exactly necessary.E-|-7h9-7-7-9-----------------|
That should be it down to the last detail; the last bit is just an improvisation, but like what they play. Enjoy, any queries, or if you want another hives song tabbed for ya me and I will send it to ya.
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