Hoax – Life Sentence tab

Hoax- Life Sentence.
Regular tuning.
x- Palm Mute
h- hammer on


x B x E x A x D xx BB xx EE xx AA xx DD (play fairly slow, bend last D down)

G5  F#5  A5  G#5

Play first bit again before going straight into verse.


B                E
One day I got to know a girl,

A              D 
But soon after she died...

Short pause then chorus:

G5                  F#5
I get to know these people,

A5                    G#5
But soon they all disappear...

Verse 2


Play twice through. Straight to final chorus. Play verse 3. After lyrics end, play the verse riff once again. Outro: (Keep fingers in D5 position)
Additional lyrics: One day, I got to know a girl, but soon after she dies, and when I went into the courtroom, all I did was lie. They told me I was under oath, but I didn't really give a shit. Now Im living in a cell block, getting by bit by bit. I get to know these people, but then they all disappear. When they think it's just the beginning. I can sense the end is near. I never read the headlines, because I know just what they'll say. And in another six months, it'll be my release day. Then I met a long lost sister, soon she was lost lost forever. I decided her life was dull, so I ended it for the better. Then I met a random guy, Who claimed to be my brother. I sent him off to burn in Hell, Alongside my lying mother. I get to know these people... (Solo) I get to know these people... When I though things couldn't, possibly get any worse, I met some annoying gypsy, that told me I was cursed. I didn't believe a thing she said, I knew it was just lies. As I raised the pistol to her head, I told her to close her eyes. Email with questions/comments: feesk8ordie@hotmail.com
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