Hoffmaestro And Chraa – Memories In Blue chords

Memories in blue - Hoffmaestro 

Capo 2

Bm GWhere did I turn so wrong
Bm GTime drags me along
AThough I know just where I went
BmAnd my time was well spent
A GI keep on coming back to you
A BmMy memories in blue
Bm GSin will scorch your soul
Bm GSo we've all been told
AThough I'm not an easy man to fool
BmAnd I always keep my cool
A GI can’t help but wondering if it’s true
A DCause I got memories in blue
A D Tears in her eyes
A Bm The echo of her cries
G D A They will ring out into the eternity
Bm | G | Bm | G | G A | Bm | G A | Bm | G A | D | D | Bm x 4
Bm GSome might call it theft
Bm GTo take all I have left
AI sit and watch them go
BmTo where I do not know
A GAll I know is they won’t run off with you
A DMy memories in blue
Bm | G | Bm | G | G A | Bm | G A | Bm | G A | D
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