Hokus Pick – Birds Song Of Freedom tab

Left handed
G  C  G  D  Em  C  D  G

     G           C                  G              D
There once was a young bird, he was plain as could be
Em                 C              G         D      
He looked like any other, that much i could see
        G           C           G            D    
And i'd written him off, untill i was proved wrong
   Em             C            D           G
The day that this bird started singing his song.

      G            C              G         D
And a freedom i've not felt since i was a boy
  Em             C           G             D
Overtook my whole being, i was filled with joy
         G         C                G               D
But then i became worried, that the bird would not stay
     Em             C             D             G
So i cornered him, caged him up, locked him away.

        C            G            D          Em       
I said,"Sing me the song you sang moments ago,
                C             G          D
it made me feel happy and made my heart flow"
       C             G            D                 Em   
But he looked at me sadly and his eyes, they turned bleek
                    C            D            G
And there was not a sound coming out from his beek.

    G         C           G           D
So tried to entice him to get him to sing
        Em           C             G            D
But he seemed to be sad, though he had everything
    G             C                 G           D
And as the weeks passed, he looked worse everyday
    Em           C          D            G
he seemed to be dying, yet still i would say,

         C            G             D           Em
I'd say,"Sing me that old song that you sang before
             C                G        D
it's been so long i don't know anymore
     C       G                    D           Em
just how the tune went, won't you sing it for me?
              C             D               G
And if it had words tell me what would they be?"

(decrease tempo)
    G             C
And then the time came
         G             D
when the bird passed away
        Em          C            G            D
but he told me the words to his song on that day

He said...
      G           C
"The song that i wrote...
        G             D
the one i shared with you...
         Em         C            G          D
it was a song about freedom that i hold so true

(increase tempo)

         C            G           D          Em
And i'd sing you the song but my freedom is gone
              C                G           D        
and now i am dying but soon i'll journey on
     C                  G               D         Em
to a place where those sweet notes will be heard again
                  C             D            G
and my song about freedom i'll sing for you then."

           C             G           D            Em
I said,"Forgive me dear God for this wrong i have done
            C              G           D
my selfish heart took the life of this one
      C             G          D             Em
But i pray that one day i will join him and then
                C             D        G
i'll hear that sweet song of freedom again
Em              C             D        G
i'll hear that sweet song of freedom again
Em              C             D        G
i'll hear that sweet song of freedom again
Em              C             D        G
i'll hear that sweet song of freedom again.


G  C  G  D  Em  C  D  G
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