Hole – Sassy tab

			     SASSY by Hole

Another noise track from 1991's 'Pretty on the Inside'. This one has Love screaming her
lungs out and there's some tape recordings of Inger Lorre telling Love that "her
reputation is shit in this town". The song is composed of two chords (A/EEEE/A/EEEE/A) 
played really rapidly. It's easy to do, the speed/rhythm is the only tricky part. I 
believe that
the intro piece is played on bass, but it can easily be adapted to a guitar, so I tabbed 
it. Play the intro riff's open strings and E chord softly in the beginning and begin to 
increase speed, and when you start playing the main riff, hit 'em hard and loud 
from that point on.

Tuning: Standard

Play with HEAVY distortion

Riff A:

Riff A "We're rolling, you guys..." Riff B:
Riff B Why, why, why? Why, why, why? Why am I here? Why am I here? I don't care Get up! Why, I'm old Sit back down Sit back down Sit back down 'Cause I said so! "But I would have done anything for you Honey, your reputation is shit in this town" "But I would have done anything for you Honey, your reputation is shit in this town" Ohhhhh, why? She's sassy She's walking down
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