Hole – Credit In The Straight World tab ver. 2

			     Credit in the Straight World by Hole

From 1994's 'Live Through This'. This is actually a punk rock version of a Young Marble
Giants song, but it's an excellent cover. There are two guitars in the song and there
are some instances here where Riffs C and D overlap in the choruses, but it's not a big 
deal so I tabbed it without indicating the timing for that. Listen to the song for an idea,
but you can play this with one guitar fairly easily as well. I can't say this tab is 
100% correct, but it sounds damn close to me and is more complete than the ones already on 
here. Play with distortion.

"x" = string mute
"/" = slide up
"\" = slide down
"b" = string bend

Tuning: Standard

(Introduction verse with organ):

And I will awake
Your highness, I'm so high I cannot walk
And I will awake
You cripple, you take away my time
My peace, my empathy
No babies sleep on atrophy
Your unborn love and fetal stress
Hard bitter candy, legless caress

Riff A (Intro):

Riff B (Main Riff):
Riff B x 3 Riff C (Verse):
Got the credit in the straight world Look a dealer in the eye Got the credit in the real world Won't you try? Riff D (Chorus):
Riff D x 2 Riff C I got some credit in the straight world I lost a leg, I lost an eye Go for credit in the real world, Riff D You will die Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Riff B x 2 Riff C It's the credit in the straight in world Leave your money when you die Lots of credit in the real world Riff D Gets you high Riff E (Bridge):
Riff E x 4 Riff B x 1 Riff F (Short Solo:)
Riff C I got some credit in the straight world I lost a leg, I lost an eye Got the credit in the real world Riff D You will die Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Riff G (Outro):
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