Hollies - Pay You Back With Interest tab

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                      "Pay You Back With Interest"
                    (A. Clarke - T. Hicks - G. Nash)


	(acoustic piano, w/tremolo [2X; solo through 1st chorus])

	G     F          Am     C
	/   /   /   /     /   /   /   /

Verse 1:

	G                  F    Am     C
	  [1: Too  4: So] many people need me
	G       F      Am       C
	  I've got so much, so much to do
	G      F        Am          C
	  But when my traveling is over


	C               F*        G
	  I'll pay you back with interest
	C               F*        G
	  I'll pay you back with interest

	                 * 2,3,4: Dm7

Verse 2: [band enters]

	It seems unfair to leave you
	And sell myself the way I do
	But when my wandering is over

[repeat chorus]

Verse 3:

	Most of my life I've been moving
	And when I tire out I'll come home to you
	But until then I'll be waiting

[repeat chorus]


	C          Bb
	  How cold is my room (how cold is my room)
	     C               F   G
	Without your love beside me?
	C                 Bb
	  We look at the same old moon (looking at the moon)
	     C                 F   G
	But you're not here beside me

[repeat chorus]

Instrumental break [orchestral bells]:

	C    Dm7     G    /F  G   [3X]
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

	C    Dm7     G
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

[repeat verse 1]

[repeat chorus]

Instrumental break 2 [orchestral bells, 12/8]

	C     Dm7     G             [2X]
	/ / /  / / /  / / /  / / /
	C     Dm7     G
	/ / /  / / /  / . .  /

[drum beat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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