Holly Brook – Giving It Up For You tab

Fm                   A
Though I'm young and cynical 
     E              B
It's not my only crime
          Em                A
I've been stealing all your cigarettes
   E             B
To save another dime
       Fm               A       E            B          A    Fm
But in case you haven't noticed I just gave them all away

        C#m         E            A
Tell me what do you think of me now
          D                         B
That I've traded all my armor for a crown
        C#m         E          A
Come on what do you do with me now
          D                            B
that I've taken down the mirror on the wall
        D                       B
and the sweet rain is ready to fall
                     F#m A E 
I'm giving it up for you,  ohh
    B                F#m  A   E  B
I'm giving it up for you 

Well I take a lot of medicine 
I don't really need
I was drinking at eleven
Getting high at seventeen
So now I don't appreciate the taste of expensive wine


Take your aim like Artemis 
And kill another dove
But when your heart becomes a hunter
You may wound your chance to love

                     F#m A  E B
I'm giving it up for you x4
giving it up for you (B and cut off)
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