Holly Starr – I Believe chords

I Believe
Holly Starr
No Capo   Key D

D       A       G

Verse 1
DRunning out of breath
ALike rest is out of reach
GOverwhelmed and underneath
DHard to find the notes
AOn a broken string
GLike all my plans unraveling
Em Bm AsusBut I will not fear
Em Bm AsusYou'll find me here
DI will wait for You,
AsusI will trust in You,
Bm Asus GEverything Youve promised me is true
DYou will rescue me,
AsusLove me faithfully,
Bm Asus GBe the peace that stills my raging sea,
Bm Asus GThe mercy in the moment of my need,
DI believe
D Verse 2
DHow could I forget
AAt least a thousand times
GYouve shown through
GAnd pierced the night
DI will not despair
AWhen I don't understand
GYou love me through every circumstance
Em Bm Asus AAnd I will not fear
Em Bm Asus AYoull find me here
GThat You are with me
AsusYou are able
Bm AsusYou are all I need
GLoving Father,
AsusMy provider
Bm AsusYou are all I need
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