Holly Throsby - Making A Fire chords

Capo 3rd fret!

Verse 1:

D AIts cold out but I dont mind it
C GIm making a fire
D AOut of what I might find here
C GThe old and the dying
D AWe dont want them coming in, No!
C GTheir heavy machinery
D AMessing up our young thinking
C C/B AmAll night long
C GNow Im here
C And youre here
GNow Im here
CAnd youre here
GWere here! Were here!
C GWere here! Were here!
Verse 2: (Exactly the same chords as Verse 1) Its cold out Its bitter winter Were making a fire Amidst the spitting winds Our eyes all be wild And our hearts, Hear our hearts beat higher! We have such an appetite! And I can be kind and kinder Ill be kind all night Chorus: Now Im here And youre here Now Im here And youre here Were here! Were here! Were here! Were here!
D AThe wind and the woods are warring
C GTheyre fighting the brightest fight
D ABut oh no, now dont you worry
C C/B AmIll be kind all night
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