Paradise Lost chords with lyrics by Hollywood Undead - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hollywood Undead – Paradise Lost chords

Paradise Lost Chords Also Keep the rythme just as you play the verse through the whole song!
    Verse 1  
C G So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me
Am FI am trying to be what you're dying to see
C GI feel like, fuck man, can't take this anymore, this heart break
Am FThis is life that's so thankless, how could he just forsake us?
C GRacist he makes us hate us
Am F He gave us nothing but no trust, and I am so fucked up
C GSo let this gun bond us, let's hide by this lust
Am FAnd once we are just dust, he'll know that he loved us
C GLet it all burn, I will burn first
Am FGod I've tried, am I lost in your eyes?
C GJust let me burn, it's what I deserve
Am FGod I've lied, am I lost in your eyes?
So take me and make me, weakened and save me This hate that you gave me keeps saying the same thing To sing when you hurt and to sing when you cry To sing when you live and to sing when you die And here at the end, at the end of the hurt All the pain ain't the same when it's your turn to burn We're the heart for the heartless, the thoughts for the thoughtless The lies for the honest, we're the gods of the godless Chorus Pre-Chours
C GSo cry three tears for me
Am FWhen it's all gone, sing me this song
C GSo cry three tears for me
Am FWhen it's all gone, when it's all gone
I cannot stand who I am, I'm this man With this blood on my hands, in this blood I am damned So watch my wings burn as they burn in the fire Don't scatter the ashes, no need for the choir Chorus
C GThis hate that you gave me keeps saying
Am FJust let me burn, just let me burn (Repeat) Then transfer to outro
C G Burn, now burn, just let me
Am FBurn, now burn, burn
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