Homegrown - My Friends Suck chords


D G Bm AI feel estranged from all my friend's
D G Bm AI feel the disconnection I guess I don't need them
D G Bm AWhen they're around they all criticize
D G Bm AMy friend's don't understand they're hurting me inside
G D A G D AOvercoming all my fears constantly criticized by all my peers
G D A G DI don't want you around me anymore find someone else to be your friend
A pause D G Bm Aleave me alone.... leave me alone leave me alo- one leave me
D G Bm A A alone leave me alo--one
Then verse 2 and chorus, the chords are the same. I know the intro, if anyone really wants it, e-mail me elysianderek@gmail.com Not sure if many people know this song, so don't wanna spend too much time. excellent song though.
intro is just picking a D5, G5, B5, A5 Would be happy to tab for anyone that really wants it. have fun
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