Homestarrunnercom - One Two One Two tab

			     One,Two One,Two -
Tabbed by:VanCamp

Tuning:Eb Ab Db Gb Be eb
Equip.:SP-10 mini amp,Strat (1 Volume,2 Tone)
Settings:[Treble-10][Bass-10][Dist.-ON][Tone-10 & 1 (respectively)]

**This is MY interpretation of the riff from "One,Two" on only 
version of this I saw was just awful.I sounded NOTHING like what this part really is.At 
one line of notes,this part is extremely short,although it does repeat.

**Plucking the notes rather than picking brings out a nice tones that matches  the real 
suggest it.

*Note:I love you guys.Keep rockin' the 'Star'.
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