Hey, I've just heard this song for the first time today. I realized that there isn't a 
for it so I decided to make one. This is my first tab ever so if you see any mistakes, 
contact me at jakethief@gmail.com
Also contact me if you like it, or have any suggestions.

Please note that I am only posting a portion of the tab because I don't know it all yet. 
will get the rest of the tab soon.

Some of the timing is strange, just remember he is strumming the chords fast.

Intro -

E||----------------------------------------| (Strumming Part)B||----------------------------------------|G||-4~44444~44444--9~99999--11~11-11-11--9~|D||-4~44444~44444--9~99999--11~11-11-11--9~| x2A||-2~22222~22222--7~77777--9--9--9--9---7~|e||----------------------------------------|
E||----------------------------------------| (Lead Part)B||-16-------16------16--------------------|G||----16~------16~-----16-16\15-13/15/16--|D||----------------------------------------| x2A||----------------------------------------|e||----------------------------------------|
Verse -
If I had you I'd hold you like a guitar...E||----------------------------------------| (Strumming Part)B||----------------------------------------|G||-4~44444~44444--9~99999--11~11-11-11--9~|D||-4~44444~44444--9~99999--11~11-11-11--9~| x2A||-2~22222~22222--7~77777--9--9--9--9---7~|e||----------------------------------------|
f you don't want to hear that tune...E||------------------------------| (Strumming Part)B||------------------------------|G||-4~44444~44444--8~88888~88888-|D||-4~44444~44444--8~88888~88888-| x1A||-2~22222~22222--6~66666~66666-|e||------------------------------|
And every time I see your...E||------------------| (Strumming)B||------------------|G||----------9~~~~~~-|D||-6~66666--9~~~~~~-| x3A||-6~66666--7~~~~~~-|e||-4~44444----------|
I get by, I get by...E||------------------| (Strumming)B||------------------|G||-------9~9-x--6~~-|D||-6-xx--9~9-x--6~~-| x2A||-6-xx--7~7-x--4~~-|e||-4-xx-------------|
I'm not really sure about the next part, I will post it when I figure it out. - - - - This next part is off a little I think, but it's close. I will fix it later. This part getting faster with the lyrics.
I've been waiting on another bright idea...E||----------------------------------------| (Distortion)B||----------------------------------------|G||----------------------------------------|D||-------------------4----------4---------| repeat alotA||---2-4~~---2-4/6/7---4~~--6/7---4-2-----|e||-2----------------------------------2~~-|
Outro -
E||-------------|(Play at the very end)B||-------5p4p0-|G||-4~-6~-------|D||-------------| x3 I thinkA||-------------|e||-------------|
Well, that's all for now. I will post more later. If you liked it, or have any or complaints please email me at jakethief@gmail.com
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