Honeyhoney – David chords ver. 2

Time: 3/4
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 1


A E It's alright, David, I'm fucked up again,
F#mBut I'm tired of waiting,
AOf being your friend,
F#m BmCause you're stuck on the first page and I'm close to the end
E ASo, just shut your mouth and pretend
EYou scream through your cellphone and you watch your TV
F#mSometimes you look like a fool
ASometimes you look right past me
F#m BmBut I'm the one singing you songs in the end
E ASo goddamn, I guess we'll be friends
F#m Bm F#m G#dim AAnd oh, all the days pile up like used paper plates
B EAnd you know but you still go
Piano Solo: A E F#m A F#m Bm A
EPictures and movies and books and cartoons
F#m AWhen I'm lookin' at them, sometimes I'm thinkin' bout you
F#m BmAnd writing down things that I think you should do
E AYou know, I might get sick of me, too
F#m Bm F#m G#dim AAnd oh, all the days pile up like used razor blades
B EAnd you know but you still go
A ESo, David I'm here and my fingers are sore
F#m AFrom writin' down words that I know you'll ignore
F#m BmWhen each one comes out it feels more like before
E ASo, David I've evened the score
E ADavid I've evened the score
---------------------------------------------------------------------- So, in case you haven't realized, you don't really need the capo, but it helps a lot and your hand a lot less achy at the end because it's just the other half of the song that going to be baring frets. You can try to use G#m instead of G#dim but I'm a theory freak and it bothers me to hear
wrong chord so decide for yourself. I will admit G#dim is a hard chord esp. to hit as as you have to, so mess it with some.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Chords: A - x02220 or 577655 Bm - x24432 B - x24442 C#m - x46654 E - 0221000 F#m - 244222 G#dim - 450404
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