Honeyhoney – Dont Know How chords ver. 2

Hey guys the version that was on this site was a little off....the chords were 
sorta right just in the wrong places. Ive done my best and i think it sounds 
exactly like the recording. Enjoy :)

DOh no I don't know
If I'll go with you now I got buckets of words
AJust to hush out the sound
DOf my heart falling down
GInto bits on the ground
DDon't know how to love you
A DWhen I'm not around
DI sold all my clothes
To get rid of your smell I smashed all the clocks
AThat had the right time to tell me
DHow long it has been
GSince we parted ways
DDon't know how to leave you
(A) DWhen I wanna stay
GSo go, go, go
BmGo on without me now
ALose me in the crowd
GOh I am so, so, slow
BmSlow moving like a sow
AWords stuck in my mouth
Steady the lock down And hope it will take I'm cold rushing water For the levee to break And the things that should soothe me Just wear me away Don't know how to hold back What I shouldn't say So go, go, go Go on without me now Lose me in the crowd Oh I am so, so, slow Slow moving like a sow Words stuck in my mouth Oh no I lost track Of the time that you gave Squandered the hours That I should've saved There's no turning back From my grave in the ground Don't know how to love you When I'm not around
DBut I'll learn how to love you
A DWhen I'm not around
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