Honor Society - Tastes Like Pearadise chords

I just spent maybe the last half hour trying to figure this out. It may not be 100% 
but it's pretty close! Enjoy! And don't forget to buy Honor Society's album Fashionably Late 
September 15th!

G EmIt seems like perfect fruit, so hard to find
C GI almost get enough
C G AmBut now I see the fruit is in your hands
Am D GOh it tastes like Pear-adise!
EmA healthy treat for everyone!
GTastes like Pear-adise!
EmI wish that we had more!
CThey’re tasty, healthy, and nutritious,
Am C D (strum once on C and D)Grown in these United States
C GIt’s Pear-adise
C GPear-adise
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