Honor Society – When I Get Home chords ver. 2

Left handed
This is my first tab, and I'm pretty sure this is how you play the song (this is 
how I play it, haha). Good luck, and I hope that it's right :)

Cadd9e |--3--------------|B |--3--------------|G |--0--------------|D |--2--------------|A |--3--------------|E |-----------------|
Ge |--3--------------|B |--3--------------|G |--0--------------|D |--0--------------|A |--2--------------|E |--3--------------|
De |--2--------------|B |--3--------------|G |--2--------------|D |-----------------|A |-----------------|E |-----------------|
Ee |-----------------|B |-----------------|G |-----------------|D |--2--------------|A |--2--------------|E |-----------------|
A7sus4e |--3--------------|B |--3--------------|G |--2--------------|D |-----------------|A |-----------------|E |-----------------|
Intro: Cadd9 G D E Cadd9 G E D
Cadd9 G E D It's just past midnight, and I can't fall asleep
Cadd9 G E D Huggin the pillow, pretending you're next to me
Cadd9 G E D Need to hear your voice, need to hear you breathe
Cadd9 G A7sus4 DTell me is it hard to be away from me?
Cadd9 G E D You sound so damn cute when I wake you with my call
Cadd9 G E D Gotta get through the summer, and I promise you this fall
Cadd9 G A7sus4 DI will be right here with you again
Cadd9 G A7sus4 DThis is what we have to do til then
Cadd9 GTell me what you know about love
D EI'll tell you what I know about love
Cadd9 GTell me all the words that you love,
A7sus4 DAnd I'll scream 'em from the top of my lungs
Cadd9 GShow me all the places you love
A7sus4 DAnd I'll make 'em all the places I touch
Cadd9 G A7sus4 DWhen I see you again when I get home
Cadd9 G A7sus4 DOh, and I'll see you again when I get home
Cadd9 G D EI'm commin' home
Cadd9 G E D [Repeat Chorus]
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