Honor Society - Find You In The Dark chords

Intro: A, E, Bm, C#m

A E Bm C#mTook me by surprise, the light inside your eyes.
A E BmEverything about you says I'll be alright.
A E Bm C#mI said we'd take it slow, like a lazy day on a sailboat.
A E BmThat's alright with me, maybe a kiss in the moonlight, yeah.
C#m Bm ESo what would it take?
C#m Bm EOh what would it take?
E C#m A Bm Hanging on your every word, you had me from the start.
E C#m A BmWishing on those fireflies, we don't fall apart.
C#m Bm E AOh, all we are vagabons following that spark.
C#m Bm AOh, don't let go, I'll find you in the dark.
Outro: E, Bm, C#m, A, E, A Finish on "A"
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