Hoobastank – Let You Know Acoustic tab

Standard tuning I've used for this, although I'm not entirely sure as the version
I've downloaded is a live acoustic one, the cd's upstairs, and I'm feeling too lazy right now

Intro|---------0--------- |-------2-----2----- |-----4-----4---4--- |---2--------------- |-2----------------- |-------------------
Verse|----------0----------------7-----------|------4-----4---4-------10---10---10---|----4---4-----4-------9---------9------|---------------------------------------|--2------------------------------------|--------------------------------------- played first time round
On the acoustic version I'm listening to it sounds almost as though he's just strumming out some chords the second time round, then repeats both parts
|-2-----3-----0-----7-|-4-----5-----0-----7-|-4-----5-----7-----9-|-4-----5-----7-----9-|-2-----3-----5-----7-|---------------------that sounds almost the pregression used
for the bridge part, pick out notes from the verse chords going backwards down the chords. I think that's all, that song was tricky to work out, so no questions on how to pick the bridge or whatever, cos quite frankly I was frustrated by that point, but I think I did ok on some of the tab.
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