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Hoodoo Gurus – Whats My Scene tab

intro D E Ge|-----2-0-----1-0----2-0-2-0-3-0-----------------------|the g is used likeB|-----3-3-----0-0----0-0-0-0-0-0-----------------------|a C chord with theG|-----2-2-----1-1----0-0-0-0-0-0-----------------------|pinkie used for GD|---0-0-0-----2-2----0-0-0-0-0-0-----------------------|A|-------------2-2----2-2-2-2-2-2-----------------------|E|-----------0-0-0--3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----------------------|
A x02220 the strumming is down down up up down D xx0232 twice with each chord for the verse E 022100 G 320003 Dsus4 xx0233 D E And another thing I've been wondering lately G D Dsus4 Ah baby, tell me where have you been? D E Now the style is set, where's my Juliet baby G D Dsus4 Is it maybe mine such a nice dream G A E What's my scene? What's my scene? What's my scene? G D Tell me what's my scene D E Like a talent scout, always checking out new blood G D Dsus4 Oh I do good if you'll tell me your game D E Playing solitaire doesn't get me where you would G D Dsus4 And honey you could play the rules that you name G A E What's my scene? What's my scene? What's my scene? G D Tell me what's my scene D E G What's my, What's my, What's my, what's my scene? What's my, What's my, What's my, what's my scene? A G D They say, they say, making love they can make you play A G E D They say, they say, we know there's a better way ... any day
solo D E G D e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------1212--10-b-------7-----79p-7---------------| D|---4-5-4-5-7-5-4-5---7---9--121212--------7h-9--7h-9-------9-------------| A|------------------------------1010---------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E G D E e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------8-7--10-8-7---710-8-7-8---------------| G|-------9-----9--12-~--121211-9---7-----9---------------------------------| D|--9h12--9h12----12-~-----------------------------------------------------| A|----------------10-~-----------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G D E G D e|----------------------------------------------------------------19--------| B|--8p7p-5--8p7p-5---7-8101514--15----15-b----151514--1517191917------17-~--|G|---------7-------7--------------14------13--------14----------19-----------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D E And another thing I've been wondering lately G D Dsus4 Am I crazy to believe in ideals? D E Well I'm a betting man but it's getting damn lonely G D Dsus4 Oh honey if only I was sure how you feel that pretty much it the chord changes mite be a bit off but just correct em n have fun this cause itz fun
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