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From: Markus Jakobsson FIN 
Subject: (fwd) TAB:"Engine 999" by The Hooters

Hello all Hooters fans out there, and especially to Johnny Disobidience(Thanks
for adding me to the mailing list). Here is a transcription of "Engine 999",
from the "One Way Home" album. As usual I forgot to bring the CD booklet, so
I can't type in any lyrics, and as usual I don't claim to have perfect pitch
or anything. This is how I play it. If you find any particularily embarrasing
mistakes, mail me and let me know!:) (I won't mind if you mail me if you find
it useful either.:))

ENGINE 999 by The Hooters.
Transcribed by Markus Jakobsson.

This is actually quite a simple song. There is one riff for the verse, and
one for the chorus (with only minor variations). And then the rythm for the
solo part, and that's it.

Intro/verse riff.shuffle. C Csus4 C Csus2 C/E Csus4/E C/E Csus2/E C/A Csus4/A|-------------|-------------|--------------|-------------|-------------||-5--xx--6--6-|-5--xx--3--3-|-5--xx---6--6-|-5--xx--3--3-|-5--xx--6--6-||-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx---5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-||-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx---5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-|-5--xx--5--5-||-3----3-3--3-|-3----3-3--3-|--------------|-------------|-0-----00--0-||-------------|-------------|-0-----0-0--0-|-0----0-0--0-|-------------|
C/A G5 Gsus4 G Gsus4 G|-------------|-------------|-------------||-5--xx--6--5-|-3--xx--1--1-|-0--xx--1--0-||-5--xx--5--5-|-0--xx--0--0-|-0--xx--0--0-||-5--xx--5--5-|-0--xx--0--0-|-0--xx--0--0-||-0----0-0--0-|-------------|-------------||-------------|-3----3-3--3-|-3----3-3--3-|
There, play that a few times, and then go to the chorus.
Chorus riff. C5 G5 G6 G5 Am Asus2 F Gsus4 G|-------------|-------------|-------------|--------------||-1--xx--1--1-|-3--xx--5--3-|-1--xx--1--0-|-1-------1--0-||-0--xx--0--0-|-0--xx--0--0-|-2--xx--2--2-|-2-------0--0-||----xx-------|-0--xx--0--0-|-2--xx--2--2-|-3-------0--0-||-3----3-3--3-|-------------|-0----0-0--0-|-3------------||-------------|-3----3-3--3-|-------------|----0-1--3--3-|
Play that two times the first chorus, a few more times in later choruses. Listen to the record. Solo... Err, I discover now that I've forgotten to write the solo rythm part down. It shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. The chords should be Am, G, and F in the first part, and then C, F, and G the second.(Not 100% though) I'll try to remember to send in a completion later.(sorry) Hope you find it useful anyway. Mak(majakobs@aton.abo.fi) "Look to the heavens and see it shine. Heals the sick and leads the blind. Tune it in and hear it say. It's counting down to judgement day." -The Hooters-
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