Hootie And The Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You tab

This song only has 4 chords. The chords are meant to be
played in a sort of open format.
I also believe there is a mandolin playing in the background
but not sure. You will need to capo your guitar on the 2nd
fret. That is how Hootie plays it.
Here are the chords:

E (022100)
B7sus/C# (x44200)
Aadd9 (577600)
Esus2/B (x24400)

You'll have to listen to the song for the strumming pattern.

The opening is just alternating between the E and the B7sus
as well as the first part of the versus.

E       B7sus  E                   B7sus   E
You and me, we come from different worlds. You like

   B7sus              E             B7sus
to laugh at me when I look at other girls. ........

             Aadd9            Esus2
Well there's nothing I can do,        I only wanna

        E      B7sus
be with you.

That's it. Like I said there are only 4 chords. Enjoy!

-- Pogeybait
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