Hope Partlow - Everywhere But Here chords

| Artist   : Hope Partlow          |
| Title    : Everywhere But Here   |
| Album    : Who We Are            |
|                                  |
| Tabbed By: dustin7up             |
| Tuning : Normal {E,A,D,G,B,E} || Capo {1st Fret} |
---------------------------------- Chords: B=x24442 F#=244322 G=320033 E =022100 D=xx0232 C =x32010 A=x02220 {VERSE 1}
B G D AIt's the last time I'm waiting by the phone,
B G D AIt's been a lonely love with you.
B G D AAnd for the first time I'll make it on my own,
B G DI'll give my love to someone new.
A G F#To someone who deserves it more than you.
B G D AHoney, you don't know what you've been missing,
B G D AYou shoulda been kissing on me, kissing on me.
F# B G D AHoney, you don't know 'cause you won't listen,
G F#You're gonna be missing me, dear, missing me, dear,
B G DWhen I'm everywhere but here.
A B G D AI'm gonna take down your pictures on the wall,
B G D ACuz it's all that's left of you.
B G D AI used to break down but now your little doll,
B G D AIs just a girl you never knew.
G A B A DYou say you want me back, yeah.
G A B GYou say you need me, need me, yeah.
A B ABut it's too late for that.
C F#Believe me. Believe me.
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