Horrorpops - Whos Leading You Now tab

Hey, I just thought I would tab some horropops as there is a SERIOUS horrorpops tabs 
I hope it helps you :)

Intro - Guitar 1 (used as a riff later)(palmed:e---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------|D------7-7-5-5----------9-9-7-7----------7-7----5-5-|A--5-5---------5-5--7-7---------7-7--5-5-----3-3----|E---------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 (Listen to the rythym to get the hang of this bit):Repeat this 2 times while Patricia Day sings "Who's leading you now?" (Chorus)e--5---|B--5---|G--5---|D--5---|A--3---|E------|
(Hold the last note after repeating it for the second time) Repeat the intro afterwards for guitar 1 through the verse "Doing everything blind..."
During the verse guitar 2 goes:e--14------|B-----12---|G----------|D----------|A----------|E----------|
Then delays before:e--5------------------------------------9-7-6-|B--5------------------------------------9-7-6-|G--5----(pause)-------------------------9-7-6-|D--5------------------------------------9-7-6-|A--3-------------7-8-9---9-8--888-5-----7-5-4-|E----------------5-6-7---7-6--666-3-----------|
Repeat Chorus and Verse and the chorus again.
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