Horrorpops – Psychobitches Outta Hell tab


I cannot BELIEVE there are so few HorrorPops songs on here! They are an amazing
band, and this is one of their catchiest songs, in my opinion. Best of all, it's
Anyway ....

Tuning: DROP D
A = Guitar 1
B = Guitar 2

Intro/Verse Ae|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|D|-1^(2)(2)-1^(2)1^(2)(2)(2)-1^(2)(2)-|
The way I wrote this is idiotic, but I'll explain - The 2s in (brackets) are NOT played on the second fret. When you bend the 1, you HOLD it and pick the notes which are the same as the note on the second fret. That's why I used the brackets. You know the song - Listen and see how it goes.
Intro/Verse Be|------------------:|B|------------------:|G|------------------:|D|-2-2-5-5-2--2-5-5-:|A|-2-2-5-5-2--2-5-5-:|D|-2-2-5-5-2--2-5-5-:|Repeat as needed. pm...............
This is played unterneath Intro/Verse A quietly. The timing is a little wierd but it's not hard.
Modulation Ae|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|D|-6^(7)(7)-6^(7)6^(7)(7)(7)-6^(7)(7)-|
Modulation Be|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|----------------------|D|-7-7-10-10-7--7-10-10-|A|-7-7-10-10-7--7-10-10-|E|-7-7-10-10-7--7-10-10-|
This happens three-quarters of the way through the verse, and goes BACK to the Intro/Verse notes. You'll hear it. Prechorus -I won't bother writing this out again: It's EXACTLY THE SAME as the Intro/Verses AND the Modulations. Just 2 frets up. Listen to the song for how long you need to do it.
Choruse|-----------------:|B|-----------------:|G|-----------------:|D|-----5-5-----5-5-:|A|-----5-5-----5-5-:|D|-2-2-5-5-2-2-5-5-:|Repeat as needed.
I'm not totally sure about this. This is what I heard, there might be a little more Intro/Verse A in there .... Also there's this: D(actual D)|-7^-| .... Interjected at various times throughout the chorus. Actually, it's a chord, But I know that's the note they use for the chord (if that makes sense). At the end of the chorus, they play this: D(actual D)|-7^////14~| That I know. Bridge -Just bass/drums at first. Then, guitar A comes in:
A|-----------7-6~-|D|-7-7-10-10------|x2 pm.........
----------------------------- SONG ORDER Intro/Verse A Intro/Verse A+B Modulation A+B Intro/Verse A+B Prechorus Chorus Intro/Verse B Intro/Verse A+B .... Modulation A+B Intro/Verse A+B Prechorus Chorus Bridge Intro/Verse A Prechorus Chorus Prechorus Chorus ---------------------------- That's it! Any questions, comments, or death threats can be sent to rah_rah_replica16@hotmail.com. I'll try to get more HorrorPops tabs up here ASAP .... Ciao! -Caitlin (ElectricParade)
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