Horse Feathers - Vernonia Blues chords

Intro: Hammering on and off between D and Dsus2 and touching on Em

Verse 1:
D Dsus2There's a pain the west,
D Dsus2a sinking feeling deep down in their chests.
Dsus2 EmA little a girl, a town with her name,
Dsus2 Emher daddy died before she had came.
Verse 2:
Cadd9 Em DTo see the place and just how it laid to waste.
Dsus2 Em Dsus2The rain it came and did not stop.
Dsus 2 Em Dsus2 All the streets filling up to their tops,
Dsus2 Em Dsus2it's coming up to their knees,
Dsus 2 Em Dsus2 the river had its way it did as it pleased.
C EmOn the water's sheen there's rainbows of gasoline.
Outro: (Repeat x2)
Dsus2 EmLord of mine where have you been?
Dsus2 EmWhen there's trouble you are nowhere to be seen.
Dsus2 EmA little town like a lamb.
Dsus2 Cadd9 EmWell a lion come down and took their dam.
Em Cadd9 Dsus2February was lean, and March came to scream.
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