Horton Johnny – Whispering Pines tab

C                                   F                  C
Snow bites hard as winter comes and time just seems to fly
C                     F           G              C 
But I'm so lonely missing you, it makes me wanna cry
C                                         F                 C
My heart is sad like a morning dove thats lost it's mate in flight
C                      F                          G                C
Hear the cooing of his lonesome heart through the stillness of the night


C          G
Whispering pines, whispering pines
F             C
Tell me is it so
C          G 
Whispering pines, whispering pines
F                   C
You're the ones who know
C         G
Darling's gone, oh she's gone
G     F              C
And I need your sympathy,
C          G     F       G            C
Whispering pines send my baby back to me.

C                                     F                 C
See that squirrel up in the tree, his mate there on the ground
C                F                    G              C 
Hear his barking call of love for the happiness he's found
C                            F               C
Is my love still my love, oh this I've gotta know
C              F             G                C
Send a message on the wind because I love her so.

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