Hot Chelle Rae – Bleed tab ver. 2

Tabbed By: Jess Palko

** Tuning: DADGAd **

Okay, so I see many tabs/chords for this song that are so WRONG.
This song is not played "Bm, G, D" in standard tuning. It sounds wrong, and it took me 
forever to figure out how it's actually played, because none of the tabs/chords were right.
These are CORRECT!
By the way, this is my first tab..I hated how all the tabs on the Internet were wrong 
for this song, so I figured I'd put the right ones up.

** Listen to the song for the strum pattern, or check out my video on youtube. [: If it's not up when you look, I'll have it up, then.

INTO/VERSES/CHORUS:d|---0-------------0---------------0---|A|---0-------------0---------------0---|G|---0-------------0---------------2---|D|---7-------------5---------------0---|A|---9-------------5---------------0---|D|---9-------------5---------------0---| "Feels like i'm drowning in ice water.." "I bleed my heart out on this paper.."
d|---0------------0----------0---|A|---0------------0----------0---|G|---0------------0----------2---|D|---3------------5----------0---|A|---3------------5----------0---|D|---3------------5----------0---| "It's all here in black and white..."
"SOLO" :d|-------0-----0----7--5----------|A|---0-7----0-7----5--5--5-9-7----|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|
/ & \ = Hammer On & Pull Off
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