Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight tab ver. 5

I watched a live performance of Hot Chelle Rae and this is the exact way that they play 
"Tonight Tonight" acousticly.

Eb A D G B e (just tune your E string down half a step)

Bass Line/1st Guitar:
(The bass line is sometimes featured in the bridge and some other parts of the song on 
its own...
so its good to know the bass line if you're playing by yourself/solo).
You just have to listen to the song to work it out.

e -----------------------------------|B -----------------------------------|G -----------------------------------|D -----------------------------------|A -----------------------------------|Eb---1-5-6----8-0-1------------------|
Guitar Riff/2nd Guitar
e -----------------------------------|B -----------------------------------|G ------9--9-------------------------|D ---9--6--7----------9--9-----------|A ---7-------------9--6--7-----------|Eb-----------------8-----------------|
That's it! Basically repeat throughout the whole song. You just have to listen to it to work out when the bass line solos etc. I add little muted strums in between the guitar riff to funk it up a bit. Hot Chelle Rae do it when they play it acousticly. Cheers James.
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