Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight chords ver. 6

Ummm there weren't many good tabs to this song so I put mine up!!! 
I believe it's played in the Key of E, but I play play it in the key of D

If it sounds weird CAPO the 2ND fret! depending on how accurate you want it! 

Chords used D D/F# G / A A/C# D OR  D D G / A A D  
HOLD THE FIRST CHORD two beats then the second and third one beat apiece!

Here's the harder way first! D D/F# G A A/C# D e--2----2--3---| |--0----0--2---|B--3----3-(3)--| |--2----2--3---|G--2----2------| THEN |--2----2--2---|D--------------| |--2----4------|A----------2---| |-(0)--(0)-----|E-------2--3---| |--------------|Now the easier way.
D D G A A/C# De--2----2--3---| |--0----0--2---|B--3----3-(3)--| |--2----2--3---|G--2----2------| THEN |--2----2--2---|D--------------| |--2----2------|A----------2---| |-(0)--(0)-----|E----------3---| |--------------|
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