Hot Tuna – Corners Without Exits tab

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From: "Abe Klagsbrun" 
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 23:19:47 -08:0
Subject: CRD: Corners Without  Exits - Hot Tuna

Performed by Hot Tuna on the album The Phosphorescent Rat
By: Kaukonen
This version chorded by: Abe Klagsbrun


A  B (3X) E  B

B                                       A       E       B
Well you hope the road you follow will lead you to the sea
B                                     A       E    B
And you hope that time allows you to start living free
B                                    A      E      B
But when the world is busy and the ______  are the sea
A6                              Emaj7
When tomorrow comes, will you remember?

A6  Emaj7 4X
A  B  2X

B                                        A      E       B
When the time you've got to wonder is slipping by your side
B                                     A       E        B
And the way you try to move into the future lets you slide
B                                    A       E        B
Into corners without exits till you try to find the light
A6                               Emaj7
When tomorrow comes, will you remember?

A6  Emaj7  4X

F#m                                           B
Now don't you know the world don't care just what your living through
       F#                               C#
Its spinning just keeps taking you for rides
C#m                                E
Don't you know you got to keep on fighting through
B                               F#  G#   A  B
Last _____  tear is lying deep inside

B                                    A       E      B
Well the last ship in the harbor is sailing on the tide
B                                     A     E     B
And your papers are in order so you better get inside
B                                   A        E    B
The broad horizon's ready and your world is open wide
A6                                 Emaj7
When forever comes, you'll still remember

A6  Emaj7
F#  G#  C#
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