Hot Tuna - Song From The Stainless tab

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From: "Abe Klagsbrun" 
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 23:35:25 -08:0
Subject: stainless.crd - Hot Tuna

Performed by Hot Tuna on the album Hoppkorv
By: Kaukonen
This version chorded by: Abe Klagsbrun

INTRO - Abm Abm7 E F#  4X

Abm       Abm7   E             F#          Abm   Abm7  E   F#
Get down child, you've got to find another way
Abm                      Abm7   E            F#               Abm Abm7 E F#
Stop running' in the alley now, that ain't no way to start the day
Abm               Abm7            E            F#            Abm Abm7  E F#
I heard people talking 'bout the time you spent living' in the clouds
 Abm                       Abm7
You know I ain't no fortune teller,
 E                  F#            Abm  Abm7  E  F#
Still I hear your future singing' loud

Abm F#  E Eb  E Eb F# Abm
Abm             Abm7            E              F#           Abm  Abm7 E  F#
Walking' in the shadows with a thousand shining' mirrors all around
Abm                Abm7             E            F#        Abm  Abm7 E F#
Down some endless cavern like some princess in a rainy underground
Abm           Abm7               E              F#         Abm  Abm7 E F#
Waiting for tomorrow and you've shaken what you had in mind today
Abm                         Abm7
In a world that's full of sorrow,
           E                F#         Abm  Abm7 E  F#
You're a winner still that anyone can say

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