House Of Heroes – Ghost chords

House of Heroes - Ghost 

(C) GFell in love in high school
C GWith a brown haired, green eyed girl
Em7I walked her home most everyday
C Held her hand, I held the world
GWe made our plan to run away
C GI couldn't wait to share her life
Em7We started countin down the days
C GShe couldn't wait to be my wife
I got a job and bought a car
C GI turned 18 that spring
Em7By summer had my own place
C And I bought my baby's ring
GFell in with the wrong crowd
C GBreakin laws, I broke her heart
Em7By autumn was in handcuffs
C GBaby's cryin out in her front yard
D And that's what hurt the most
Em7 CI saw it in her green eyes
GShe had seen a ghost
GMy mama saw me every week
C GTried her hardest not to cry
Em7She told me that she loved me
C Disappointment in her eyes
GI said, "Mama, I love you too
C GAnd I'm gonna make you proud one day"
Em7A month before I got out
C GThey told me mama passed away
D And that's what hurt the most
Em7 C G I saw it in her eyes, her son was a ghost
Dsus DI hate this life I chose
Em7 C GLong before she died her son was a ghost
GNow I got my freedom
C GBut it feels like emptiness
Em7In front of the apartment
C Where your sister says you live
G C GAnd there's another man, who fills my empty shoes
Em7And darlin you don't see me
C GBut you know that I see you, I drift off...
GI'm gonna fade away
C GBeyond the city lights
Em7I'm gonna fade away
C Through the emty night
GI'm gonna fade away
C GDrifting out your life
Em7I wanna fade away
C GThrough the empty night
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