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From: (Brian Klock)
Subject: CRD:Housemartins-Me and the Farmer


G (barre on 3rd)    C (barre on 3rd)
Me and the farmer get on fine
A (barre on 5th)    D (barre on 5th)
Through stormy weather and bottles of wine                  
       G                    C  
If I pull my weight he'll treat me well                  
A                   D           G
But I'f I'm late he'll give me hell

And though it's all hard work no play
Farmer is a happy crook,
Jesus hates him every day,
C         A          D
Cause Jesus gave and Farmer took

G                            C
Won't he let you go    probably no
A                            D
Won't he let you go    probably no
G                            C
Why does he treat you so?  I just don't know                 
A                            D
Why does he treat you so?  I just don't know

Me and the farmer like brother, like sister  
Getting on like hand and blister
C        D
Me and the farmer

He's chopped down sheep, planted trees
And helped the countryside to breathe
Ripped up fields, bullied flocks
And worked his workers right around the clock.

It may seem strange but he'd admit
Intentions aren't exactlt true
And though God loves his wife a bit
He hates the farmer through and through

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All we've got is London Zoo
'cause farmer owns them all
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