Housemartins – Sheep tab

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From: (Brian Klock)
Subject: CRD:Housemartins-Sheep

Here are the chords for the Housemartins songs I know. Any
other contributions would be grateful.

A             Bm             E             D
Sometimes I get so angry with the simple life they lead
A             Bm             E             D
The Shepherds smile seems to confirm my fears
A             Bm             E             D
They've never questioned anything, they never disagreed
A             Bm             E             D
Sometimes I think they must have wool in their ears

And when you see a cane I see a crock
And when you see a crowd I see a flock
Its sheep we're up against
Sheep we're up against

When I was young, they used to get me counting sheep
But the counting I did was all in vain
Now when I'm tired and I'm trying to get to sleep
I count humans jumping onto trains

Bridge riff is:

E----------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------3--2-----------G---------2--2--------2--4------------------2--------D---2--4--------2--4--------2--4--2--2---------2--4-- A----------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------
The next part is an arpeggio of the four chords. This song is just a repeat of those chords over and over. Listen to the song and you'll figure out the rhythm. It took me a while to get it down. "You never know when you'll be in need of those you've despised" --Cormac McCarthy
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