Houston Calls - Conversations In The Wind tab

I couldn't believe there wasn't a tab for this song, its one of the best Houston calls 
so i thought i would tab it for everyone. Please leave comments and hope you enjoy. :)

Chords used F C A# D DE|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|----5--3-------7-|D|-3--5--3--0-OR-7-|A|-3--3--1--0----5-|D|-3--------0------|
Intro/ Lead ChorusE|------15p0-13p0-12p0-13p0-12p0-13p0-15p0-|B|-13p0------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|
PRE VERSE= F/// C/ A#/ VERSE 1 F C Stepping off the ledge A# She looks at me and says F Hey Tommy can I spend the night C A# And wake up in your eyes F Of course you can, timidly answered, C But beware I can't promise much A# Not at this time in my life CHORUS F Watching trees change C Just like your ways D A# You're in my arms for the last time F Pressed together C My heart's weathered D A# Now we will sleep for the last time VERSE 2 F C I build you up and break myself down AH# F How can I sit there while some clown C A# Namely me, Sets you up for a loss F First of all I'm insecure C A# And number two I can't be there for you Not at this time in my life CHORUS 2
Solo (1:54)E|------------------------------------|B|-13V-13/6--6-8-10-8-10P8-6V-5H6-5H6-|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|
How can IE|---------------------------------|B|-6-6-6-6-5-5-5-5-6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8-|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|pm---------------------------------|
hear your call / in this windyE|-------------------------8-8-8-8-|B|-6-6-6-6-5-5-5-5-6-6-6-6---------| X2G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|pm---------------------------------|
LAST CHORUS What do the letters mean? v= vibrato /= slide down P= pull off H= hammer on
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