Howard Eliott Payne - Dangling Threads chords

A E D x4

Verse 1
A DYou can say just what you want to
A DThere's just no reason for you to hide
E DHow you keep love as your captain
A E DKeeps you warm in the cold of your night
Interlude A E A Verse 2
DAnd you keep all your pleasures
A DWhere they're easy for you to find
E DYou have a vision you believe that
A E D You could run to in darkness or light
Interlude A E A Chorus 1 F#m
A F#mYou're so rich in perception
A F#mAnd so easily led
AWith your words of persuasion
E A DAnd your hand full of dangling thread-eads
A DOooh ooh ooh oooh
A DOooh oooh
A DOooh ooh ooh
E DOooh ooh ooh
E DOooh ooh ooh oooh
A E AOoo-ooh
F#m Chorus 2 (same chords as previous chorus) With your gift for reflection That you cradle in your bed Where you're lost in perfection And undone by what did not get said Verse 3(same chords as previous verses) You are fire, you are treason It's in every word that you say How you keep time close by, for he is your healer Gives you hope when you're walking away Finish A E A
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