Howard Shore - Departed Tango tab

This is the main chord progression for the Departed theme song

Em Am Em Em B Eme||----0--0-0----0-----0----------0--0-0----------0----||B||----0--0-0----1-----0----------0--0-0-----0----0----||G||----0--0-0----2-----0----------0--0-0-----2----0----||D||----2--2-2----2-----2----------2--2-2-----1----2----||A||----2--2-2----0-----2----------2--2-2-----2----2----||E||----0--0-0----------0----------0--0-0----------0----||
Strum these chords very freely and feel free to hammer-on to transition between chords. Strum this for the beginning and then pick these chords for the main part of the song. Please rate
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