Howe Gelb – Neon Filler tab

From the excellent album "Sno' Angel Like You"

I play these as barre chords (except A and E7)
TO get the feel of the song you need to play around with little fills, slides, pull offs 
such like but this is the basic structure


D - G - D - GD - C#m - Bm - A - G - F#m - E7Em (7Fret) - D (5Fret)Em - DAm - GBm - A
Verse D G things could have been better D G they sure could not have gotten much worse D C#m Bm A* when there are tears out in the alley G and laughter waiting Fm E7 out front in the hearse Em D and there's remark about contender Em D repulsa aint too hard too find Am G conclusion based on surrender Bm A and the general dismissal of the merit of mankind D G the snakes and the sawtooths D G they lay loving the buck D C#m spending all their time Bm A setting up camp and G F#m E7 running amuck [chorus] Em D liiiiiiight is not the neon filler Em D not the memory of sun filled days by solar spark Am G light is the moses Bm splitting the waves A G Fm E7 in a sea so dark [[[[[[[Repeat the same structure for the last two verses!]]]]]]] There's a town in the high desert where doctor gene scott says the demons run alongside a chunk of heaven hovering there where the wind in the image of the throne rides shotgun riddles of the wonderment, wonders of the firmament and me laid up, laid off and laying low [chorus] things could have been better they sure could not have gotten any worse tears out in the alleyway and laughter waiting out front in the hearse [chorus]
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