Howie Day – More You Understand Acoustic tab

Howie Day
“More You Understand”
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  Am             A7         Am              A7
A thousand years ago today, we as two would be the same
Cm*                  E
    I’d fall for you.
Am             A7              Am             A7
Customize your relationship or do you feel the same about
    Cm*              Cm/         Cm*  E
Your flirt with love and your certainty.
    Dm                       G               
The CIA wouldn’t bother you, they would always know the truth
Em7                  Am  A7
  You never know who came.
Dm                                G               
And I will fall a thousand miles and you would fall fast to denial

Cadd9             G                  E7                       F
The more you are, the more you need, and the more you’ll understand
The more you’ll understand…the more you know,
G                  E7                       Am                            
The more you feel, and the more you’ll understand, 
A7    F
yeah, yeah…

 Am, A7, Am, A7,Cm*,E

     Am             A7                Am        A7        
Your sentiments are screamin’ out the felony of who’s left out,
Cm*           E
   It’s not you.
     Am         A7          Am             A7
It’s you for me, me for you, we can always follow through
Cm*                Cm/                  Cm*    E
This makeshift day, so why give up your love.
   Dm                          G
The way it goes, call her name, do you ever feel the same, 
Em7                    Am   A7
   And do you know who came
  Dm                         G                 
A year ago, a thousand miles, how far away we were to smile
C                        Am                    F
  You’re too far gone to save, too far gone to save, and you’ll know…


The rest I’m unsure of so I’d figure I’d get you this far and you could figure out the rest.
I tabbed out “slow down” and I hope that helped somebody out. I’m a big Howie Day
fan and if anybody knows the tabs to “Falling in Love” by Howie please post them.

Here are the chords… 

Am A7 Cm* Cm/ E Dm G Em7 Cadd9 F E7 1e [--0-----0-----0------0-----0----1-----3-----3-------3----0---0--] 2b [--1-----0-----0------0-----0----3-----0-----0-------0----1---0--] 3g [--2-----2-----2------/4----1----2-----0-----0-------0----2---1--] 4d [--2-----2-----3------/5----2----0-----0-----2-------2----3---0--] 5a [--0-----0-----3------/5----2----0-----2-----2-------3----0---2--] 6E [-----------------------------------------3----------------------]
/ = Slide
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