Howie Day - Numbness For Sound tab

			     Numbness for Sound - Howie Day
Tabbed by: Chris Case

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used Em G D Asus A Bm F#maj F#min Bmaj G* A*e|--0---3---0-----0---0---0----2------2-----7----3---5---------------------|B|--0---3---3-----3---2---3----2------2-----7----3---5---------------------|G|--0---0---2-----2---2---2----3------2-----8----4---6---------------------|D|--2---0---0-----2---2---0----4------4-----9----5---7---------------------|A|--2---2---------0---0---2----4------4-----9----5---7---------------------|E|--0---3----------------------2------2-----7----3---5---------------------|
(First time through, play D string and higher) Em G A cold winter sun D Asus A My feet underground Em G A pale windless city Bm A numbness for sound A Em I'll wait, back here G All that you notice D Asus A A moment in time Em G A photograph lost here Bm Since you were mine A G D I'll wait back here F#m Bm A G Or should I start pushing my way back D Yeah... F#m Bm A G Should I start pushing my way back (Same as verse 1 chord progression) I walk past your room In deep silhouette You're tired of racing You're down and I said I'll wait, back here A cold end, an evening A soaked cigarette I'm asleep on a shoulder that I've never met I'll wait back here Or should I, start pushing my way back Yeah... Should I start pushing my way home F#maj G Cold, and the whiskey is wearing A Bm And I'm on the edge of my breath F#maj Ohh... G And I'm thinking of leaving A I could just lay down A Bmaj G* A* Lay down and freeze to death. Bmaj Em A D Yeah... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Em Asus A Ohhh.... Bmaj G* A* Bmaj Yeah... Em A D Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Em A Ohhh.... Hold on (Opening Chord Progression) A cold winter sun My feet underground A pale windless city A numbness for sound | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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