Hugh Laurie – The Sophisticated Song tab

Tabbed by: Ben Winter

Tuning: standard

G   355433
C7  332310 (Laurie brings his thumb over the top to hold the E string)
D7  xx0212
A9  xxx223 (I'm not sure if this is really an A9 but it sounds like one)
D/A x00232

Since G is barred, after the line "Can't seem to find my cool" he just brings his hand one fret at a time after each strum.355433 ---> 244322 ---> 133211 ---> 022100G -> F# -> F -> E
Intro: (humming) G C7 G D7 G C7 I wear sophisticated clothes, I say sophisticated things G Everything about me says I'm a sophistication king C7 But when I'm with you Can't seem to find my cool G->F#->F->E A9 Yeah, when I'm with you D/A G D7 I just site there and drool Repeat for other verse/choruses. BRIDGE: C7 When you look at me and you start to flirt G I have to wipe the dribble off the front of my shirt C7 When you ask me what's on my mind A9 D/A All I can think to answer is... "fluh-uh" I eat sophisticated food I breathe sophisticated air I run a sophisticated comb Through my sophisticated hair But when I'm with you Can't seem to find my cool Yeah, when I'm with you I'm just a dribbling... fool G --> F# --> G --> F# -> G -> F# -> G (You know what I mean.) Well this is my first time tabbing so good luck and sorry if i messed anything up. ===============================================================================
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