Hugh Laurie – What I Mind chords

Intro: F C7 F C7

F A7 Dm Dm7 Well, I don't mind being lonely
Bb D9 G7 I don't mind being poor
Bb G7/B F/C D7 What I mind is being misunderstood
G7 Bb C7 I can't take it anymore
F A7 Dm Dm7 You may say that I'm a loser
Bb D9 G7 And I won't say that that ain't true
Bb G7/B F/C D7 But if you say once more that I'm a hoover
G7 C7 F F7 Then maybe I'm gonna have to disagree with you
Bb A7 Dm Dm7 Too many times I've been called a garage
Bb D9 G7 More than once I've been termed a hat
Bb G7/B F/C D7 For more than a year I lived in your pocket
G7 Bb C7 While you thought I was the key to your flat
F A7 Dm Dm7 Now I'm saying that that's all over
Bb D9 G7 I've got to stand up for what I am
Bb G7/B F/C D7 So from now on I want you to call me
G7 C7 F Just call me whenever you can
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