Hugh Laurie – Six Cold Feet tab

/°\- I heard and played this by ear. I play with a bottleneck in metal. Then, I 
tuned my guitar on D (D A D F# A D). 
/°\- For more explications or more corrections about this, please contact me on : 
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*[/] Slide avec le bottleneck (slide with the bottleneck)
*[(0) ; (1) ; (2) ; ...] Jouer la corde sans le bottleneck (Play the string within the bottleneck); 
*[[0] ; [1] ; [2] ; ...] Jouer la corde avec le bottleneck (Play the string with the bottleneck) ; 
*[\-\] Rester sur la corde avec le bottleneck (Stay on the string with the bottleneck). 

/°\- Escuse me for my english, I'm very young.
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