Hunters And Collectors - Blind Eye chords

BmWhen success is on your mind
G EmBut true direction is missing
Bm G EmYou know the Gods have lied - but you're still smitten.
Bm GBy the stars in your eyes
EmI can tell you know where you are
Bm G EmSmile sweetly and you'll be forgiven.
Bm G EmYou're almost free - almost free to come and go
Bm G ABed sitting room for ambitious prisoner.
Walk away, don't take no for an answer
BmTurn a blind eye to it all
GLet sleeping dogs lie
EmDown in Queensway.
BmLike a bulldozer chasing butterflies
G EmDown sad English streets you wander
BM G EmOver sleeping bodies you step lightly.
Bm GAll the snow on the ground
Em- lets you pass by without a sound
Bm G AOne last look before you disappear.
REPEAT CHORUS Walk away, don't take no for an answer Turn a blind eye to it all Let sleeping dogs lie Down in Queensway.
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