Hunters And Collectors - Inside A Fireball tab

Hunters and Collectors
Inside A Fireball
Tabbed by James Greig

NOTE: this tab is based on the live version of the song from "Under One Roof"

The song starts off with a tom roll on the drums and then this bass line,
which is the bass line for the verses.

Just before the guitar part comes in, there is a quick bend, and then the mainguitar riff for the verses comes in E mine|--------| e|-0--0-0--0--0-0--0--0---|B|--------| B|-0--0-0--0--0-0--0--0---|G|--------| G|-0--0-0--0--0-0--0--0---|D|-6^8r6--| D|-2--2-2--2--2-2--2--2---|A|--------| A|-2--2-2--2--2-2--2--2---|E|--------| E|-0--0-0--0--0-0--0--0---|
D Ge|-2-2--2-2-2--2--3-3--3-3-3--3--|B|-3-3--3-3-3--3--0-0--0-0-0--0--|G|-2-2--2-2-2--2--0-0--0-0-0--0--|D|-0-0--0-0-0--0--0-0--0-0-0--0--|A|----------------2-2--2-2-2--2--|E|----------------3-3--3-3-3--3--|
VERSE: at the end of a line play the E min with staccato Then the main riff will come in and just before the chorus end on the E min.
CHORUS 1 ("Inside a fireball")
B mine|--7-7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7--7--7---|B|--7-7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7--7--7---|G|--7-7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7--7--7---|D|--9-9--9-9-9--9--9--9-9--9--9---|A|--9-9--9-9-9--9--9--9-9--9--9---|E|--7-7--7-7-7--7--7--7-7--7--7---|
D min C D mine|--5-5--5-5--5--5--3--5-5--5--5--|B|--6-6--6-6--6--6--5--6-6--6--6--|G|--7-7--7-7--7--7--5--7-7--7--7--|D|--7-7--7-7--7--7--5--7-7--7--7--|A|--5-5--5-5--5--5--3--5-5--5--5--|E|--------------------------------|
CHORUS 2 ("we, we will not die") This is the bass line which is played by the bass and keyboards
After Mark sings ".. the very last time.. time!" the two guitars come in with this riff for four measures. They are joined by the trumpet and trombone after two measures.
After that Barry plays a solo along the lines of this.
LYRICS Hey everybody - can't you hear me call? I'm standing in a the street inside a fireball Tomorrow's in the future - death is in the cradle We're all chin-wagging 'round the breakfast table Down Main Street with the dust in my lungs The blisters on my shoulder - the end has just begun I'm swimming in the heat when the rads his my tongue The remnants of my children are having too much fun Inside a fireball Inside a fireball There's a big copper digger in the middle of town The birds are on his head - the rags are hanging down The grip on the grenade in his broken hand As loose as the union's on the hot red sand Inside a fireball Inside a fireball "We will not die and it is no crime Ya take the whole world upon ya shoulder For the very last time" Well I blasted my way through the barrier range I ripped up the ground but nothing has changed Bromide, sulphide, oxide, slag We're cleaning out the can with an oily rag I'll live on the dole or I'll die in the dust If they turn up the shift then strike we must The company's here but the money's all gone But I'm still digging, I'm still strong! Inside a fireball Inside a fireball We, we will not die And it is, it is no crime You take the whole world upon your shoulders For the very last, for the very last time Ooh Comments, suggestions or corrections?
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