Huntingtons - The Last Time That You Left tab

Song: The Last Time That You Left
Artist: The Huntingtons
Album: Songs in the Key of You
(C) 2001 We Own Your Songs, Inc (SESAC)

Chords Used:

G C B E D ee---|---|---|---|---|---|B---|---|---|---|---|---|G---|-5-|-4-|---|-7-|-9-|D-5-|-5-|-4-|-2-|-7-|-9-|A-5-|-3-|-2-|-2-|-5-|-7-|E-3-|---|---|-0-|---|---|
You'll need to listen to the CD to get the correct rhythm and timing. Intro: G C
Verse: G B E C Prechorus: D C Chorus: G D C D Bridge: e C G 3x E B C D Outro: G C D
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