Huntingtons - Im Not Going Downtown tab

                  I'm Not Going Downtown - Huntingtons

Hey ppl! This is my first tab, so if its bad, go easy on me.


e|------------------- ----------------|B|------------------- ----------------|G|--444--------------x4 then --77------------|x4D|--444-4-7-44444444- --77-7-44444444-|A|--222-4-7-44444444- --55-7-44444444-|E|------2-5-22222222- -----5-22222222-|
Play that twice then play:
e|------------------- -------------------|B|------------------- -------------------|G|--444--------------x4 then -------------------|D|--444-4-7-44444444- -4~--4~--4~--4~----| *let these notes ring*A|--222-4-7-44444444- -4~--4~--4~--4~----|E|------2-5-22222222- -2~--2~--2~--2~----|
e|--777777777-999-7-5- --9--7-5-2--|B|-------------------- ------------|G|--------------------x3 then ------------|D|-------------------- ------------|A|-------------------- ------------|E|-------------------- ------------|
Then play the intro/verse/chorus ,except the second half u play first. And there u go u've played I'm Not Going Downtown. Comments? Questions? Corrections? Email me at
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